Rules of The London Underground Railway Society
May 2016

2 OBJECTS. The objects of the Society shall be to foster interest in and the study of the railways of Transport for London, its subsidiaries, predecessors and successors, and other underground railways in London, by all possible means, and to promote such social activities as may be desirable ancillary thereto.

3 COMMITTEE. The Society shall be managed by a committee of not more than twelve Members, to be elected by the Members in General Meeting in accordance with Rule 5. The Committee shall be empowered to appoint and remove Officers and Assistant Officers of the Society as they may deem necessary for the carrying out of the work of the Society efficiently, save that the Independent Reviewer, who shall be a competent person, shall be appointed by the Members in General Meeting.

4 PRESIDENT AND VICE-PRESIDENT. A President and Vice-President shall be elected by the unanimous vote of the Committee, such election to be subject to confirmation by a majority vote of the Members present and voting at the Annual General Meeting. Both President and Vice-President shall hold office for one year, taking office at one Annual General Meeting and handing over to their respective successors at the next Annual General Meeting.
PAST PRESIDENTS. All those persons who serve in the office of President of the Society shall, upon relinquishing that office, assume the office of Past President, and shall rank as Honorary Members.

5 ELECTION OF COMMITTEE. The Committee shall be elected by the Members at the Annual General Meeting as follows:
Any co-opted Member shall retire as provided in Rule 6. Any Committee member who has held office as such for more than 30 months since last being elected shall retire. If more than eight Committee members then remain, those who have held office as such longest since last being elected shall retire, so that exactly eight remain. For this purpose, of any two Committee members elected on the same day, the one who polled fewest votes on that occasion shall be deemed to have been elected first. In the event of this procedure failing to determine who shall retire, it shall be decided by lot. A Committee member retiring as provided in (a), (b) or (c) above shall, subject to being otherwise qualified, be eligible for re-election.
When the election subsequently takes place, the number of vacancies shall be twelve, minus the number of Committee members remaining; any paid-up Member of the Society may be nominated for the Committee provided that the prior consent of the nominee has been obtained, and that the nominator is a paid-up member.
Rule 6 shall apply to any vacancy remaining unfilled after the election should there be fewer candidates than vacancies.

6 CASUAL VACANCIES ON COMMITTEE. Casual vacancies on the Committee may be filled by the Committee at their discretion, by co-option, any Member so co-opted to the Committee to hold office until the next Annual General Meeting only, but, subject to being otherwise qualified, shall be eligible for re-election.

7 MEMBERSHIP AND SUBSCRIPTIONS. Members may be elected by the Committee in the following classes of membership: HONORARY MEMBERS - confined to those persons who are deemed to be of sufficient merit; Honorary Members shall pay no subscription.

MEMBERS - being those persons over the age of sixteen years desirous of taking part in all the activities of the Society; the subscription payable by Members shall be fixed annually by the Committee.

ASSOCIATE MEMBERS - being those persons who are at least twelve years old but not yet sixteen, desirous of taking part in such activities of the Society as they can be permitted to take part in; the subscription payable by Associate Members shall be fixed annually by the Committee. Fully paid-up Associate Members may, upon reaching the age of sixteen, transfer to full Membership without paying a further membership subscription during the year of transfer.
Subscriptions shall be in respect of membership up to 31 December in each year, except that new Members or Associate Members joining the Society on or after 1 July in any year shall pay half the subscription rate to cover their membership up to 31 December of the same year. During the last quarter of any year, at the discretion of the Committee, new Members or Associate Members may be admitted to the Society at the appropriate rate for the succeeding year plus a rate for the months remaining of the current year which may be less than pro-rata.

8 ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING. The Annual General Meeting shall be held in London during the first quarter of each year, and at least three weeks notice shall be given to all Members of the date and place of meeting.

9 EXTRAORDINARY GENERAL MEETINGS. The Committee shall, on the written request of any ten or more Members entitled to vote, or may at their own discretion, convene an Extraordinary General Meeting for the discussion of any specific business, and shall give at least two weeks notice of the date and place of such Meeting and the business to be discussed thereat, to all Members.

10 ACCOUNTS. The Treasurer shall keep a record of all the financial transactions of the Society, and shall prepare Accounts each year made up to 31 December, such Accounts to be independently reviewed and then submitted to the Annual General Meeting.

11 REPORT. The Committee shall present to the Annual General Meeting each year a Report on the activities of the Society for the preceding year.

12 LIABILITY FOR INJURY OR LOSS. Neither the Society nor the Committee nor any Officer or Assistant Officer shall be liable for any injury or loss sustained by any Member or Visitor in the course of any function of the Society, however caused. Any Member introducing any Visitor to any function of the Society shall indemnify the Society and the Committee and the Officers and the Assistant Officers against any claim that may be made by the Visitor in respect of any injury or loss.

13 LEADERS FOR VISITS. A Leader shall be appointed for every visit organized by the Society, and such Leader shall have complete authority for the conduct of the visit.

14 VOTING RIGHTS AND QUORUM AT MEETINGS. All Members shall have the right to attend and to speak at all Annual General and Extraordinary General Meetings of the Society, but Associate Members shall have no right to vote. The Quorum at any General Meeting of the Society shall be ten Members entitled to vote. In order to constitute a Quorum at Committee Meetings, more than half the number of serving Committee members shall be present.

15 SOCIETY EXPENSES. The Committee shall be empowered to pay the reasonable expenses of Members and others incurred when on the business of the Society.

16 AMENDMENTS TO RULES. These Rules may be amended at a General Meeting of the Society, by resolution passed by a majority of Members present and voting, but only if the intention to propose the amendment has been included with the Notice convening the Meeting, provided that such minor adjustments to the amendment as are necessary have been agreed by a majority of Members present and voting at the General Meeting.

17 MATTERS NOT COVERED BY THE RULES. The Committe shall be empowered to decide all matters not covered specificall by these Rules, except that (a) in the event of a suspension or expulsion of a Member from the Society, or (b) in the event of a Committee Member being expelled from the Committee, the action of the Committee shall be confirmed or negatived at the next General Meeting, and the Member concerned shall have the right to attend that meeting and present his case.

18 COPIES OF RULES. Every Member of the Society shall be supplied with a copy of these Rules.

19 USE OF THE NAME OF THE SOCIETY BY MEMBERS. Members must not use the name of the Society in a manner which might bring discredit upon the Society nor purport to express the views of the Society without the specific permission of the Committee. Neither should the name of the Society nor of any Officer of the Society be used in any attempt to gain favourable treatment from London Underground Ltd or its successor, any of its associated organizations, of from similar organizations, without the express permission of the Committee. For the purpose of this Rule, the Chairman, Vice-Chairman or Secretary of the Committee may act for the Committee, the facts to be reported to the next meeting of the Committee. (See footnote).

20 DEFINITION OF MEMBERS IN RULES. In Rules 3, 5, 6, 9 (first reference) and 16 the term Member includes Honorary Members. In Rules 8, 9 (second reference) 12, 14, 15, 17, 18 and 19 the term Member includes Honorary Members and Associate Members.

Footnote: On several occasions in the past, the Society has been embarrassed by members who have stated, in effect, "I am a member of LURS, please may I visit your depôt". Anything of that nature works against the best interests of the Society and would be regarded as a breach of Rule 19.