All editions of Underground News are illustrated with a selection of colour, and occasionally additional black and white photographs. To view a sample of whats available in your membership of the London Underground Railway Society, click the year below:

On these pages you can view articles from back issues of the magazine.


The Society is pleased to be able to offer you the opportunity to view a historical archive of Underground News magazines from 1975 - 1987 including indexes and supplements.
They can be accessed by using Navigation Bar on the LURS Banner above.

Please note that they are PDF’s, created from scanned originals, some of which are over 35 years old, and therefore the quality is variable.

The file sizes of each edition are also variable, with some up to 34Mb, so you should avoid downloading over a metered connection.

With the larger editions, please allow sufficient time for the download to complete, depending on your connection speed.

UK ONLY !    To receive a sample copy of Underground News magazine, send a C5 (229 x 162mm) SAE with 65p stamps to-

LURS Sales Team     
10 Foxtail House,
Taylor Close,
Middx. TW3 4BZ

If sending your SAE in a LARGE LETTER Envelope, please ensure you use sufficient postage (98p) The Society will not pay any excess postal charges to receive incorrectly stamped envelopes.

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