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THE LONDON UNDERGROUND SYSTEM London's underground railway system is the oldest in the world, the first section having been opened between Paddington and Farringdon in 1863 by the Metropolitan Railway. Ever since those days of choking, steam operation, there has been almost continuous expansion and development of the system; from electrification, tube line construction and amalgamation, to the automatically driven operation of both the Victoria and Central Lines, computerised signalling, and the “driverless” Docklands Light Railway. Now, the work on both the Jubilee and Victoria Lines major signalling upgrade projects is nearing completion, and brand new fleets of trains are imminent on all four of the Sub-Surface lines and also on the Victoria Line.Construction work on the long awaited Crossrail project has now finally commenced. The system is so extensive that there are still numerous reminders of the past to be seen and, due to London Underground's long established pride in its history, a great deal of interesting data is available.  THE LONDON UNDERGROUND RAILWAY SOCIETY The London Underground Railway Society exists to study all aspects of London's underground railways - past, present and future, including the Post Office Railway, the Docklands Light Railway, relevant sections of the London Overground and the national rail network, and including some long forgotten and bizarre ones in addition to the main system. The LURS was founded in 1961, and has been growing ever since. A monthly meeting is held on the second Tuesday of each month, usually taking the form of an illustrated talk by a specialist speaker. Another interest covered is modelling. The Society has available information for modellers of London Underground including scale drawings and lists of suppliers of kits and spare parts. LURS PUBLICATIONS To keep members informed, the LURS publishes “Underground News” every month. This fully illustrated journal is intended to keep members abreast of events on London's Underground and of LURS activities, together with short articles on various relevant subjects. “Underground News” is in A5 format and normally contains at least 52 pages plus colour covers. Click on a year If you wish to view some articles from 2006  2007  2008  2009  2010  2011  2012  2013  (articles are in PDF format). MEMBERSHIP Membership runs from January to December each year, but those joining on or after 1st July in any year, may do so for the half year at reduced rate.  New members receive the Underground News backdated to January or July as appropriate. If, having read this brief description of the LURS, you feel you would like to join us, please click on the Membership page HERE or fill in the membership form(pdf) on that page.   The London Underground Railway Society is not part of, or associated with,Transport for London, London Underground Ltd, Metronet Rail BCV Ltd, Metronet Rail SSL Ltd, Tube Lines Ltd, or any other company.
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